Vaping with CBD

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Vaping with CBD

Hello, hello! Is it me you’re looking for? I mean is it my CBD vape review you’re looking for? Be glad you can’t hear my singing voice.

I guess I should start out by telling you which product I used. I used the ‘Try The CBD’

brand vape oil in Pineapple flavor and used the CBD living vape pen. Again, my husband is joining me with this little research. I of course let my hubby take the first hit as I do not know what to expect and I figured I’d let him be the real guinea pig. He warned me not to overdo it when I take a hit as you can still start coughing just like I’m famous for when smoking the ganga. Did I listen? Of course not! I coughed and felt a little head high but not THC high. My body just felt really relaxed. Its hard to say how much I actually took in but it definitely made me feel relaxed and calm. It was a Sunday so we were home.

Now comes Monday…bring on the anxiety triggers…let’s put this shit to the real test. I’ve got a small window of time to wake up my toddler, prepare her breakfast (to eat at school) get her up and dressed, her teeth brushed and still dress myself. Usually its not as easy as it sounds…does that even sound easy? I don’t know…. I do know that I dread this part of the morning. With my anxiety and OCD, I need everything to be a routine. If something is out of the routine everybody must hide because mama is gonna lose it! Well as you know, with a toddler at home something always goes awry. But this mama didn’t totally lose her shit. I was baffled, my kid was baffled and my dogs were baffled. Hmmm, is it possible that the CBD is working or was it just a fluke? I was so confused. I grabbed the vape pen and charger and put in my purse to bring to work with me. After being at work for a few hours I thought maybe I should take a few more hits of the vape pen. This is the thing, I don’t know how often I should be hitting the pen but if I can do it before it all wears off then that would be best to help keep my anxiety in check. So, it’s up to everyone’s personal preference as far as how much you need at any given time. Also, keep in mind the milligrams of CBD you purchase. Oh and the vape pen I bought had 3 way adjustable voltage so you can decide just how much you want to hit at one time.

This day was pretty successful for me at work. I was able to keep my anxiety at bay while also not having to feel high. The drawback for me at least is I felt weird smoking it at work even though I went outside. I’ve never been a cigarette smoker so it was just strange to me. The other drawback for me was I was forced to talk to my neighbor more, she must have been stalking me because every time I was outside vaping, she’d come over to bug me. But the CBD kept my irritability in check because she’s the one neighbor I like to avoid like the plague. Oh, my husband said that vaping during the day helped his aching feet since he stands all day at work working on machines. That made me super happy to hear. It also helped with our acid reflux and heartburn which is incredible! If you’re a sufferer of acid reflux this alone is worth looking into CBD! Last but certainly not least, it helped with our hangover. We don’t drink as often as we used to for obvious reasons but when we do, we can’t really cut loose as we get the worst hangovers known to mankind. Well, CBD helped that too! Nice to know if you want to have a few drinks but are scared due to the little human you have to care for the next morning now you might not have to sacrifice one for the other.

CBD, all positives from me!