THC Kin Slips?

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THC Kin Slips?

Hey! Today’s blog is going to be a bit different for me. I’m going to review a company’s product, a product that is a new concept (at least it is to me). Ben, a Facebook friend of mine who reads my blog asked if he could send me a product to review.

He said it’s the best thing ever (his exact words) and he wants me to spread the word. He’s confident that this product will be my new go-to! So, enough waiting, drumroll please!

The company is called Kin Slips. Per their website, Kin Slips is a revolutionary infused product that is discreet, reliable, all natural, and that heightens the way cannabis is used in everyday life. The strips are meant to go under your tongue for rapid absorption. The active ingredients are carried directly into your bloodstream via the capillaries under the tongue.

It appears they have a few different kinds of blends, some THC only, some CBD only and others that are a ratio of both.

My friend sent me the “Nice Dream” blend. The package says, formulated with relaxing cannabinoids and terpenes with hints of basil and watermelon. I am not usually a fan of watermelon flavor but this was so mild and the taste of basil gave me a hint of summertime in my mouth. Their website says that “Nice Dream” is the perfect solution for a relaxing evening at home or that great night of sleep you’ve been dreaming of. SOLD! Here, take all my money, give me all the sleep!

Now for my actual review. Legit…I’m sold. I was slightly unsure how this was going to go down since its straight THC but since it’s a lower dose it was great. I took it an hour before my sweet girl’s bedtime and I felt mellow and relaxed. I was kind of scared I was going to pass out on the sofa because I was relaxed but it wasn’t overpowering. It just really took the edge off. I went to bed about 2 hours after taking it and I was feeling pretty dang nice! I woke up about 4 hours later to check on my munchkin and decided to take another slip and off to dreamland I went. I felt refreshed by the time my daughter woke up about 4.5 hours later. My husband tried his first slip more than an hour after I did and he said he enjoyed how relaxed he felt. He doesn’t have a problem sleeping (I hate him!) so once he was out, he was out. We’re definitely going to try these again during the week. Nice find Benny boy!

If you’ve decided to try this brand because of this blog let me know what you think.

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