Sativa or Indica, that is the question.

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Sativa or Indica, that is the question.

After my last blog I decided to dig in & take a look at the difference between these two strains. Sativa strains are more stimulating, while Indica strains tend to be more sedating. What’s a girl with anxiety to do?

So, here’s what I read, Sativa is more uplifting and gives you a bit of an energetic feel and best suited for day use and Indica is best suited for night use as its more relaxing and calming. I was starting to think that Indica was the route I wanted to go but then I read that its best for when you just want to chill out and be in your own head. Excuse me?!? That is that last place I want to be, I’m in there enough already…. that’s my biggest problem. So, seriously what is a girl supposed to do? I guess try both strains and see what happens. I’m going to do just that & then come back to this blog and finish.

Ello, I’m back! That was fun…. Sort of kinda depends on who you ask. My hubby is joining me on this little exploration. I’m not sure if he’s having more fun getting high on my supply or watching and waiting on his neurotic wife to react to what she’s smoking!

Anyways, lets get down to it.

For the Indica strain, I tried Granddaddy Purple. I don’t know, but I love the name! I’m so easily amused sometimes. I don’t remember how many puffs I took but it wasn’t too many as I was scared of going too far and not coming back. Lets all keep in mind that my child was with my parents for the night as I went on this ride (or lack thereof). Granddaddy Purple was slow to hit me but once it did, you feel it. I’m glad I did this strain at night as my ass was on the couch to the point I had to apologize to my bed for never making it to bed that night. I will say I didn’t get paranoid so that in itself is incredible. Did I enjoy the complete lazy attitude I felt? Sure, it was kind of nice to sit there doing absolutely nothing and not have my head going a million miles a minute with all the shit I should be doing. But this is not realistic in my current life. If anything, I would smoke it before bed and completely bypass the couch.

Now onto the Sativa strain, I tried the White Widow. For obvious reasons I’m not a fan of the strains name like I was with good ol’ Granddaddy Purple! Again, I don’t think I smoked too much but maybe a puff more than the other strain. However, this time I smoked during the day since I read that Sativa is best for day use. I’m glad I listened. Though I felt relaxed, I didn’t feel like laying around and doing nothing. It kind of made me want to get up and venture to Target with my little one. I felt unstoppable until my sweet dear husband reminded me that though my child is precious she’s also completely insane. So instead we decided to do some much-needed cleaning and decluttering. This strain was pretty cool for the fact that I was feeling pretty happy & chill but energized in a way. So, all in all the research I did was pretty damn accurate. Sativa is best for day use unless of course you’ve got the time & luxury to do nothing for a few hours then Indica is the strain for you. The difference between the 2 is literally day and night.

Not sure what I’m gonna try next we shall see.