Edibles, yay or nay?

Edibles, yay or nay?

Boy do I have a story for you! It started out like any other day… until my mom came home with some special cookies for us to try. Let’s not forget to mention that this was more than a few years back when I was in my mid-twenties.

My mom’s coworker was a major cannabis connoisseur. She liked to bake “specialty” items and thought my mom would like to take them home to share with me, my dad and boyfriend (now husband). This was going to be my first-time trying edibles so I was excited & nervous. I had a heard a story from my mom about her experience when she first had edibles back in the early 80’s with my dad. She was so stoned that she had to fall off the toilet and crawl to the living room because she couldn’t get up and walk… yes, my friends, that is my mom and I adore her! Plus, I’m basically like her twin in life so I was prepared for similar shenanigans.

Being the only one that didn’t quite know what to expect, all eyes were on me. My mom’s coworker gave her 2 cookies and said split one four ways and you’ll be fine. She figured since they were strong and no one does edibles on the regular that it would be a perfect dose for us. So, we 4 shared one cookie and sat down to eat dinner. I clearly remember it was a salad and it was delish! Not sure how long we waited but none of us felt anything so we thought hey, why not split the other cookie? So, that’s what we did. We were watching that show called Wipeout, where people try to conquer a large obstacle course. It’s hilarious, if you’ve never seen it, I suggest you check it out! Anyways, all of a sudden, I start laughing and I couldn’t stop. Now my parents and husband are laughing too. Out of nowhere, I swear clouds of smoke filled the room the more I laughed. Obviously, I was the highest high I could ever be! It was all fun & games until it wasn’t. Next thing you know I am feeling super sick and my body is tingling. I was tripping so hard I thought my mom who was leaning on the fridge was tilting the house (hahahah). I asked my parents if there was something else in the cookies and they reassured me that there wasn’t that I was just high. We go sit down on the sofa and I am just sick over it all. The tingling sensation was awful. I looked over at my mom and I silently asked her if she was tingling too and she looked so sad and said yes. We sure were pathetic. My dad and husband were totally fine, just enjoying the high and chilling out. My mom and I are holding hands and asking if we were going to be this high forever because we didn’t want to have to have our bodies tingle like this until the end of time hahahaha. We were so effed up that we couldn’t hold our heads upright. My dad kept saying calm down ladies just enjoy the high. That was the last time I ever did cannabis edibles! Ugh!

Now to real time. My hubby bought some CBD edibles for me to try. I’m a doofus and didn’t keep the label so I don’t remember what it was called. I’ll have to try it again and mention it in another blog. Even though I knew it wasn’t THC laced I was still scared after my experience with edibles. However, I tried it and thank goodness I am still alive to say that it was way more mellow of an experience than that last time. I just felt so relaxed and went to bed as it was my late night snack. I don’t remember falling asleep so it must have been good!

Hey, at least there are options for the people like me who can’t handle the THC laced goodies.

Either I made you laugh or I made you realize what a lame-o I am hahah.

Not sure what my next blog will be about.

Until next time,