CBD Water Vs. CBD Vape

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CBD Water Vs. CBD Vape

And we’re back! So, its been more than a couple of weeks since my last blog about CBD water and vape. I mentioned wanting to try the two products for a longer duration so I could give a more detailed review. So, here we go!

First things first… people are assholes! Seriously people judge way too much. I was running errands with my chicken little and was vaping as we walked from the car to go inside the store and some lady told me what a crap mom I am for smoking with my kid in tow. On a normal day I would have probably talked shit to her & went on my merry way but this day I just looked at her and said don’t talk about the things you know nothing about and off we went inside. But it really pissed me off! My anxiety already tells me that everyone is judging me, be it for my choice of shoes or my purse that is falling apart I always have a voice in my head saying I am being judged. Adding this to the list to be judged on is not something I am looking forward to but whatever! So that became a con on the list for vaping. But that’s really the only negative on my list for the vape. I mean I’m not gonna lie, does it bother me that I am inhaling stuff into my lungs? Sure, it does, it’s something I think about especially after recently losing my aunt to COPD but I also have to remember it’s not nicotine and I am not smoking every 5 minutes. But that’s also my anxiety telling me something is worse for me than it probably really is.

Anyways, lets talk some more about the water. The one thing I did not mention before is that I drink about 100 ounces of water a day! The CBD Living water bottle is just under 17 ounces. Now do I need all of my daily intake of water to be CBD water? Probably not, but I’d easily drink 3 or 4 of the CBD bottles of water. So, here’s the cons to the water, not only is it on the expensive side at about $4.00 a bottle but it’s not too convenient as you can’t just get it at any market. I found it at the same headshop that we got the Sativa & Indica strains and CBD vape.

So, now we know the cons of both the vape & water, let’s go over the pros. Obviously, water is healthy and its an important part of your daily life so you get a twofer with the CBD water. You’re also way less likely to get judged by Judgy McJudgersons while hanging at the park with your kid while holding a water bottle in your hand like you may if you were holding a vape. But, on the other hand the vape is more cost effective than the water. You also feel the effects of both the water and vape at about the same time. Due to my budget I’ll probably stick with the vape more often though I may occasionally buy the water if its in my budget on a particular week (my bank account is laughing at me…like really you think you have money in your budget for that water, please!).

Hope this was informative! If you wanna share your feedback on any products you’ve tried feel free to do so. I’d love to check them out.

See ya later!