CBD Water – Seriously!

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CBD Water – Seriously!

Happy Friday! I’m sure you’re looking forward to your weekend as I am mine so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

As you recall, my last blog was a review of my very first ever CBD product which was the vape. One thing I forgot to mention was how much the vaping helped me have a more restful night sleep.

I usually wake to check on my daughter and use the bathroom at least once if not twice during the night. Once I’m back in bed I can easily lay there thinking about anything and everything for hours, sometimes not ever falling back to sleep before my alarm eventually goes off. But since I’ve been using CBD it helps me fall back to sleep almost right away.

So, for today, let’s review something pretty damn cool… CBD water. Yes water! The water I tried was CBD Living Water. I was skeptical of the taste at first. I had freaked myself out before tasting it swearing that it was gonna taste funky. But again, my husband was the guinea pig and tasted it first. He said I was freaking out over nothing per usual. So, I took a nice big gulp and wouldn’t you know, it tasted it like water. I’m not even sure what I expected it to taste like but I was pleasantly surprised! I drank the whole bottle in about 2 minutes and off we went to go run our errands. Again, like the vape, I felt my body not so tense and just felt an overall relaxed feeling. I was starting to wonder if my anxiety wasn’t triggered or this water works wonders but I was feeling good. Only down side so far was the fact that I had to go pee while we were out at Target. The reason it’s a downside is because I do not like public bathrooms and I tend to get anxiety over them but I didn’t get too bothered this time so I guess the water was working after all!

Taking the water to work was so much easier than the vape as I could just have it while at my desk and easily just take it with me when I left the office for whatever I had to go do. So as of right now I think I’m leaning more towards the water but I really want to spend some time trying both for a longer duration. I’ll keep you in the loop!