CBD Water, at home?!

CBD Water, at home?!

When you think of a new kitchen gadget, you probably don’t think about CBD water. At least I sure the heck I didn’t. I was contacted through my blog by a guy who works for a technology company.

He said he contacted me because he read my CBD water blog that I did a while back. He gave me a website to look at and asked me to review the product just by what I see online.

When I decided to start this blog, I honestly never thought a company would reach out to me to do a review. This blog was just meant to be a way for me to write about a popular topic that was also of interest to me since I love writing. I never thought people would read this blog let alone a company looking for some peer reviews. This is pretty exciting!

Now let’s get down to business. This aforementioned kitchen gadget is called WaterMuze. Their website says, Regular water is good but WaterMuze water is better! It’s an appliance that will allow me to infuse water to make my own CBD water at home. Let’s first talk about the technology that will allow us to do this. Per their website, you take your water and CBD oil, which then goes through a process that breaks everything down to tiny particles which will help speed up the absorption rate once consumed. If you read up on other CBD water companies it’s the same science behind it but this appliance gives you the opportunity to do it at home which is pretty stinking awesome!

The WaterMuze appliance looks clean and sleek and the colors are nice. The WaterMuze appears to have a little slot that you would put your CBD cartridge (it’s very small) so it can be infused into the water. It actually reminds me of the Keurig in the sense that the cartridge gets punctured just like the k-cups do so they can let out the coffee but this would be letting out the CBD oil into the water. This product also comes with custom-made water bottles that look kind of sporty so they’d perfect to take on the go. I suppose you can also pour the water into your own glass if you want to drink it at home and not use the bottles that it provides.

There is definitely a cool factor to this product. I’m not sure when its going to hit the stores or how much it’s going to cost but I really hope it’s within my budget because I want one. In my CBD water blog that I previously wrote, I had mentioned how it was too expensive for my budget to drink the CBD water regularly plus you can’t just buy it any market so it was kind of inconvenient. However, with this appliance I’d be able to use the water I already am paying for and you can’t get much more convenient than doing it at home. It comes with cute bottles in different colors so I can take it with me when I venture out with my daughter and won’t have to worry about all those judgy looks I’ve been getting because I have my vape pen in hand.

I asked the guy who sent me the website if he could keep me in the loop about when this is going to be out on the shelves and he said he would. Once I find out I’d really like to purchase it and try it out and do another review.

Until next time peeps,